PYTHON Programming: From Novice to Expert

Learn with hands-on examples in 30hours

About the Course

This course to set you on a journey in Python by playing with data, creating your own application, and also testing the same.

Course in Brief

Python 3.x (Any Platform) with Pycharm, Spyder and Jupyter Notebook

Python Mini Course: Fundamentals with Python and IDEs, Basic tokens, Standard I/O, Control Structures, Strings, Container Types, Functions and Packages, Exception Handling, Data File Handling,

Data Structures, OOPs, Regular Expressions, Network Programming. GUI Interfacing, Threads, Database Access.

Prerequisites for this course

No prior programming language knowledge,

Minimum knowledge of installing a software.

Logical thinking and problem-solving ability.

Basic Computer H/W and S/W Knowledge

Desired to Learn
Learners’ must have a system with any 64-bit OS, preferably Windows 10

Course Level: Beginner

Mode of delivery: Online (English)

Course Fee: Rs 8500.00

Instructor: From Inductry

Support: Online Text Chat with the Instructor


Associated Courses:
Machine Learning
Data Science
Deep Learning

Instructor: Mr. Ranjit Pr

Areas of expertise: IoT, Embedded Systems, Data sciences, Machine learning, and Data visualisation
Over 20+ years of industry experience
Trained over 1000 professionals and students

Course content

Python Language Basics

1: An Introduction to Python
Brief History, Why Python, Where to use Python
2: Beginning Python Basics 
2.1. The print statement
2.3. Python Data Structures & Data Types
2.4. String Operations in Python
2.5. Simple Input & Output
2.6. Simple Output Formatting
3: Python Program Flow 
3.1. Indentation
3.2. The If statement and its' related statement
3.3. An example with if and it's related statement
3.4. The while loop
3.5. The for loop
3.6. The range statement
3.7. Break & Continue
3.8. Assert
3.9. Examples for looping 
4: Functions & Modules
4.1. Create your own functions
4.2. Functions Parameters
4.3. Variable Arguments
4.4. Scope of a Function
4.5. Function Documentation/Docstrings
4.6. Lambda Functions & map
4.7. An Exercise with functions
4.8. Create a Module
4.9. Standard Modules 
5: Exceptions
5.1. Errors
5.2. Exception Handling with try
5.3. Handling Multiple Exceptions
5.4. Writing your own Exceptions 
6: File Handling 
6.1. File Handling Modes
6.2. Reading Files
6.3. Writing & Appending to Files
6.4. Handling File Exceptions
6.5. The with statement
7: Classes In Python 
7.1. New Style Classes, Static Variable in class
7.2. Creating Classes, Instance Methods
7.3. Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
7.4. Scope and Visibility of Variables
7.5. Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions
8: Regular Expressions 
8.1 Simple Character Matches
8.2 Special Characters
8.3 Character Classes
8.4 Quantifiers
8.5 The Dot Character
8.6 Greedy Matches
8.7 Grouping
8.8 Matching at Beginning or End
8.9Match Objects
8.10 Substituting
8.11 Splitting a String
8.12 Compiling Regular Expressions
8.13 Flags

Advanced Components

9: Data Structures 
9.1 List Comprehensions
9.2 Nested List Comprehensions
9.3 Dictionary Comprehensions
9.4 Functions
9.5 Default Parameters
9.6 Variable Arguments
9.7 Specialized Sorts
9.8 Iterators
9.9 Generators
9.10 The Functions any and all
9.11 The with Statement
9.12 Data Compression
9.13. Closer
9.14. Decorator 

10: Writing GUIs in Python 
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Components and Events
10.3 An Example GUI
10.4 The root Component
10.5 Adding a Button
10.6 Entry Widgets
10.7 Text Widgets
10.8 Checkbuttons
10.9 Radiobuttons
10.11 Frames
10.12 Menus
10.13 Binding Events to Widgets

11: Thread In Python
11.1 Thread life Cycle
11.2 Thread Definition
11.3 Thread Implementation  

12: Network Programming 
12.1 A Daytime Server
12.2 Clients and Servers
12.3 The Client Program
12.4 The Server Program
12.5 Recap
12.6 An Evaluation Client and Server
12.7 The Server Portion
12.8 A Threaded Server 

13 : Python MySQL Database Access 
13.1 Installation
13.2 DB Connection
13.3 Creating DB Table
13.5 COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
13.6 Handling Errors

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